Painting as a Universal Language

Since ancient times, painting has been a vehicle of expression and communication widely used in both, a concrete way, to describe the reality and to enter in contact with the world, and an abstract way, to express feelings and emotions. Each historical era developed its own artistic period which is unique and has its own variations.

Cesare Catania Painting: Between Tradition and Originality

Cesare Catania Painting is characterized by a high degree of dynamism, a sustained focus on the combination of textures and materials, the constant presence of emblematic figures, such as Harlequins, a special closeness to science and music. His passion for classical painting is masterfully combined with the new forms of expression and a constant attention to the cutting-edge political and social issues.

Contemporary Painting by Cesare Catania Art

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Oil Painting On Canvas: Continuity as Inspiration

Oil Painting On Canvas has been for centuries the most popular painting technique appreciated by artists and art lovers for its versatile nature. From quick sketches to realistic masterpieces, oil on canvas painting technique that includes a wide range of tools and methods achieves the illusion of volume and tonal depth and increases rich color effects and expressivity.

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