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Art as a Continuous Dialogue Between Man and the Universe

Art is life itself as seen through the eyes of an artist and conveyed by the harmony of shapes, materials and colours. It has always been a perfect tool to communicate meanings and to make conclusions, to bring attention to subjects that are otherwise ignored or unknown. Art is interdisciplinary in its approach to reality and in its representation of universal contexts, and often artists have also been scientists and engineers.

Contemporary Art as a Constantly Evolving System of Symbols

This artistic achievement is meant to give humans a different and even unexpected point of view on regular things. It is not only about what you see, but how you experience it, an opportunity to change focus and elaborate an unusual vision of reality. Artists invent and reinvent our world using their own system of symbols and new artistic tools.

A Mix of Ingenuity Works, Painting and Sculpture by Cesare Catania

Cesare Catania Art is a union of traditional and contemporary. Painter, sculptor and civil engineer, Cesare Catania draws inspiration from such scientific areas, as mathematics, anatomy and music.

“… I like to think of art and ingenuity like that moment in which the artist realizes his works using the technique of an adult and the imagination of a child…”

(Cesare Catania)