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Contemporary Artworks by Cesare Catania as a Balance of Visions

Contemporary Artworks by Cesare Catania are the expression of the artist’s desire for balance between classical art and his aspiration to innovation and experiment. Paintings, sculptures, ingenuity works by Cesare Catania Art are made with a profound attention to the human dimension through his studies of colour perception and social phenomena, as well as his vision of the universe’s energy and the constant presence of nature’s elements.

Cesare Catania Art: Invest into Your Feelings

Emotionally rich and aesthetically fulfilling artworks by Cesare Catania reflect the attitudes of the society we are living in. Buying these internationally recognized artworks will not only increase your savings in the future, it also engenders feelings and helps you to find a way to communicate with emotions through symbols, metaphors and archetypes.

Cesare Catania ART
Via Del Progresso 16
20125 Milan