Biografia di Cesare Catania


“I like to think of art as that moment in which the artist communicates with his canvas using the technique of an adult and the imagination of a child”

(Cesare Catania)

Arte Contemporanea a Piacenza


60th Biennial Art Exhibition of Venice

Until the 24 th of November 2024, the Italian artist exhibits at the 60th edition of the Venice Art Biennale, inside the National Pavilion of Cameroon.

The project exhibited at the Biennale merges physical art and digital art, in an immersive experience of Augmented Reality and Digital Sculpture.


Here below you will find some of Cesare Catania’s contemporary artworks that have most caught the attention of art lovers so far. An art that ranges from painting to sculpture, from video art to digital creations.

“… the Artist is that person who, among the infinite ways of expressing his emotions, chooses the one that best satisfies his aesthetic taste and sensitivity at that moment. There is no better way than others to express yourself. Just do it by balancing technique and emotion…

(Cesare Catania)

Art as a continuous dialogue between Man and the Universe

Fascinated by modern art, architecture, cubism, music, philosophy, mathematics, science and the pictorial masters of the classical age, Cesare Catania’s artistic maturity and contemporary art is still continuing today. evolution; always looking for new techniques to best express his inspirations. An artist in continuous dialogue with the universe around him.

“The artist has the task of transmitting the world around him to posterity through the harmony of shapes and colours. Art has always been a perfect tool for communicating with the outside world but mainly with oneself… In this, contemporary art is an artistic achievement intended to give human beings a different and often unexpected point of view on ordinary things… It’s not just about what you see, but how you experience it, an opportunity to change focus and develop a personal vision of reality. Artists invent and reinvent our world using their own system of symbols and new artistic tools, without obviously forgetting the authenticity and genuineness of their creation.”

(Cesare Catania)

the artist and his absence of prejudice

Biography of Cesare Catania

Cesare Catania’s contemporary art is inextricably connected with his life. To fully understand his works you need to know his history. Come in and find out everything about his artistic journey and how he came to develop the concepts that his works of art convey!

Vernissage di Cesare Catania

“… I believe that an artist must always seek his own self with the most total absence of prejudice… The creative process can always seem spontaneous and casual, almost as if the artist were an enlightened person who creates in a state of emotional randomness . The reality is that the artist is a receptive being, open to receiving inspirations randomly from the world around him, and in this receptive process the absence of prejudice is fundamental. But then the cerebral part takes over, the one that processes the emotion and transforms it into a finished work of art… and I’m not just referring to graphic expression but to any form of art, be it musical, verbal or indeed pictorial or sculptural…”

(Cesare Catania)