Sculpture as the Oldest Form of Art in Constant Evolution

Sculpture, one of the greatest and probably the most enduring form of art, has always been the leading way of representing and honoring historical figures and events. It is constantly evolving due to the new technologies and materials, and therefore its definition has become complex and even vague. However, Its main characteristic still remains the three-dimensionality.

Cesare Catania Sculpture: Universal Energy and Emotional Impact

Cesare Catania Sculpture takes its inspiration from the concept of energy expanding from the visible universe including Earth and nature as we see it. Various materials and geometric shapes are combined so that to obtain the greater energetic impact, like in the «Heart of Earth», or to convey the whole range of human emotions in front of socially-related issues, like in «ReArt» or «The Man Who Does not See».

Sculpture by Cesare Catania Art

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Silicone Sculpture

Silicone sculpture is a contemporary sculpture technique using a rubber-like material whose characteristics permit artists to create amazing hyperrealistic artworks with life-like appearance. Silicone sculpture is a rich field for experimenting, also because silicone can be used when other materials, like wood, metal, or stone, are not considered safe enough.

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