Art for Everyone – Contemporary Art Exhibition – Montecarlo September 2017

Montecarlo September 2017
"Art for All"

Excerpt from the International Press:

“Great success of the artist Cesare Catania during the last exhibition in Montecarlo: the first work of art for color blind people was presented. Art is for Everyone…”



The work for colorblind people “The mouth of Etna- E Version” by Cesare Catania was presented for the first time worldwide from 28 to 30 September 2017 during the Boat Show in Montecarlo, within the event “Top Marques Watches 2017 “, in the” Belle Epoque “exhibition hall of the Hermitage Hotel.

Cesare Catania, creative engineer and affirmed artist, has repeatedly amazed critics and the international press.

Some editors have even compared him to one of the Renaissance Masters because of his transversal approach to the art world; eclectic engineer on one side and multifaceted artist on the other.

Visual Barriers: Dalton’s syndrome

Cesare Catania expresses his genius through sculptures and paintings that embrace the concepts of hermeticism and cubism, whose visual results are enhanced thanks to the artist’s studies in mathematics and engineering.

Last week during the Monegasque event, the Italian artist presented for the first time a unique work of its kind.

“With this work, I wanted to try to overcome the visual barriers that force people with Dalton syndrome to see a reality different from the common one, but not less attractive.” So explains the Italian artist referring to what inspired him during the realization of his latest sculpture in silicone and steel.

Art for Everyone

And this is how work number 57 entitled “La Bocca dell’ Etna – E Version” was created and conceived by Cesare Catania, precisely to emphasize the visual characteristics of people with Dalton syndrome. For the first time in contemporary art, the artist enhances his work by shaping it on the visual spectrum of color blind people (more than 300 million worldwide).

“Vicent Van Gogh himself, an undisputed master in the use of color, was color blind.” continues to explain Catania. “Honestly, I don’t see color blindness as a defect: I would call it a feature more. There is nothing more fascinating than thinking about your own work of art that changes color depending on the point of view from which you observe it. Andy Warhol had experimented with his Marilyn Monroe how, despite changing the color palette, the icon of the American myth remained unchanged. “

Where and When?

Catania’s work was presented for the first time worldwide in a hot week of events for the Principality of Monaco, which also hosted the Boat Show (the most important international yacht and boat luxury fair) millionaires) and the Gala dinner with Prince Albert of Monaco and Leonardo di Caprio.

Cesare Catania concludes: “The phrase” ART FOR EVERYONE “has a double meaning for me:” Art must be addressed to the whole world “and” Art must be considered as such by anyone who observes it “.

Other details

Cesare Catania does not limit the use of his works: “regardless of one’s cultural, social or even physiological filters. If each of us saw the colors of the world in our own way we would live in a world without prejudices…. »

On the opening gala of the event, Cesare Catania also donated one of his works of art to the charity association Power Disease. “


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Contemporary Art

Visione dell'opera d'arte per gli affetti da tritanopia

Extract from the Book "ART FOR EVERYONE" - Monaco 2017
Studies on the vision of the work of art for people with Tritanopia (Dalton syndrome)


Extract from the Book
"Art for Everyone" (Monaco 2017)

On the occasion of the exhibition at the Hermitage in Montecarlo (September 2017), the artist Cesare Catania presents for the first time a work of art whose color palette is studied on the visual spectrum of those affected by Dalton syndrome (color blind people).

Below an extract from the book:

Differenti studi inerenti la sindrome di Dalton: come i daltonici vedono le opere d'arte

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