Aosta – Contemporary Art Exhibition – from 28.02 to 15.04.2020

Aosta Art Exhibition

15.02 - 15.04 2020

curated by:

Claudia Mantelli

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"Woman with a Book"



"Woman with a Book"


"Trois Hommes"


"The Open Cutting"

3D Painting

"The Open Cutting"

3D painting

Finaosta Art Gallery

in the hearth of Aosta City (IT)

International media

radio interview to Cesare Catania

all hidden details about the exhibition thanks to a vivid interview to the artist (audio Italian Version – for the international transcription of the interview in English version click here below)

... full transcription of the interview ...



Radio Conductor: Thanks Cesare for accepting our invitation. Speaking about you, we refer to your exhibition that will be open until Sunday the 15th of March 2020 in the Finaosta Art Gallery (Aosta – IT). I would like to immediately start asking for you to introduce yourself from an artistic point of view, explaining to our radio listeners what artistic evolution you have done and in general which artistic form you are closest to.

Cesare Catania: Good morning everyone. First of all, I kindly thank you and your Radio InBlu for your hospitality and above all for your choice to explore the theme of art. Let’s say that during these last days we hear about Covid-19, number of infected, etc … we are in an almost paradoxical and surreal situation.


The Dream

According to me, talking about art right now is useful; it serves both in a fairly banal way to change the subject, but above all to make people dream … People always need to dream and therefore art is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also useful for society, and above all in this historical moment.


The Difference between Art and Design

I am often asked “why Aosta?” (maybe right now I’m doing my artistic show here), and it’s a fairly recurring question. Journalists usually ask for me when I go to Monaco, “why an art exhibition in Monaco?”, Or when I go to Lugano “why an art exhibition in Lugano?”. Let’s say that the starting point is that an artist goes where his artistic contribution is requested; there is no more beautiful thing for an artist to know that his works are in demand all over the World and in all cities. You are a journalist, I believe that certainly the closest artistic figure to you the writer … now … a writer does the same things when he thinks that his or her book is available in all libraries all around the World. For art it’s the same… The only difference between journalism and art is that the journalist writes to communicate to others, so his or her main target is to be understood by everyone. The artist, the real one, in my opinion is selfish when he or she paints and when he or she sculpts: he does art for himself, regardless of the judgment of others. Otherwise it ends up producing design …

Radio Conductor: Speaking of art, and in particular of exhibitions, I wanted to ask you: what does “organizing exhibitions” mean nowadays? In your case, where we are close to the field of contemporary art, what is your position on the organization of artistic events of this type?


The Link between Art and Artist

Cesare Catania: … Reconnecting to what was said before, making an art exhibition means giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy art, regardless of whether it is, if we want, understandable or not; the latter a typical meaning of contemporary art. Very often we hear “I like contemporary art even if I don’t understand it very well”.

Here … first of all … if we talk about art, the real one, the genuine one, when you know the artist immediately you should be able to understand both the author’s thought and also his art. Both are in fact inseparably linked.


Universal Messagge

Therefore, organizing an art exhibition means first of all spreading a message, the artistic one, trying to communicate it to everyone, regardless of the viewer’s portfolio. In fact, art is often seen as an elitist matter, destined for the few and rich. Instead, in my opinion, the basis of everything is that art should be a universal means of communication …

Radio Conductor: Cesare, we certainly cannot speak of the works that you have decided to exhibit in Aosta, not many, because we are talking about this exhibition of five works, but certainly of impact and of great quality. Can you help us frame them better?

Cesare Catania: Of course. I make works of contemporary art both pictorial and sculptural. Those paintings are mostly part of the family which is called “informal art”, except from some works of hyperrealism / surrealism and abstract art … although surely most of the paintings I made belong to informal art, therefore that art where there are human figures that are recognized but are not fully characterized in the technique and in the details. This genre of artistic vein, as well as cubism if we want, allows the artist to focus more on the inspirational part than on the actual technical part.


The Artworks: part 1

In Aosta I brought two sculptures entitled “The Mouth of Etna”. They are a red and a green version (B and C Version). The fact of making multiple versions of the same artistic theme is something that I carry around often. When there is an inspiration that I understand to be, as I call it, “round” (so well “full-bodied” … a bit like wine if we want…), at that point I like maybe to create more than one work of art linked to the same inspiration, deepening that same theme that initially inspired me.

Then there are two canvases, one entitled “Woman with Book”, which is basically a hand-made retouched copy, and then there is another silicone and acrylic artwork called “The Open Cutting” .


The Artworks: part 2

Finally I brought a tapestry, palette knife painting oil on canvas and touched up with a pad, called “Trois Hommes” (“Three Men”). Three men of science are represented on the same canvas: Pythagoras, Avogadro and Heisenberg. This is one of the artworks that best represents me. Being also an engineer, well … in this canvas I see myself… The classic question that I hear when people see this canvas is “what do all those numbers that dance in your artwork correspond to?”. The answer is very simple: those numbers are the numerical constants of the three scientists, the numbers that made them famous, numbers that are mixed together within the same work of art.



international press tells
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... some extracts from the International Press...


Title: “The words of the Artist: Cesare Catania Art Exhibition in Aosta (Italy) until Sunday the 15th of March”

Great success for the artist Cesare Catania during his last exhibition inaugurated in Aosta (Italy) on Friday the 28th of February and on display until Sunday the 15th of March 2020.



Five in total the masterpieces on display until the 15th of March in the Finaosta exhibition space, the art gallery owned by the regional financial institution of the autonomous region of Valle D’Aosta (Italy) which has the main purpose of promoting the socio-economic development of the territory, including also art and culture.


2 Sculptures

Two sculptures of contemporary art made by the Italian artist, entitled “The Mouth of Etna” (B and C Version – 2017), already exhibited in the past among others also at the Monza Royal Palace Museum under the supervision of the magnificient director Piero Addis and in the Principality of Monaco. These are two sculptures made by steel, silicone and acrylic, which since the 28th of February are visible from the windows of the gallery in Festaz Street as well as visiting the exhibition inside the spaces. “… the moment I imagined these sculptures, even before designing and making them, I realized that artistic inspiration and aesthetic taste were merging all together, in a single object … at that moment the mouth of the volcano was becoming the pretext to synthesize in a single work of art both the love for geometry and the attraction for irrationality and asymmetry … ” with these words the Author explains referring to the diptych exposed.


1 Tridimensional Painting

In addition to these two sculptures you will find a three-dimensional painting, made with the same technique as the previous sculptures, mixing silicone and acrylic together (in this case with yellow and black shades), giving life to a painting that literally comes out from the canvas; it is a revised version of a previous work called “The Cutting” (2017), another three-dimensional painting in which the artist wanted to deepen the synthetic strength that can represent a single cut on a canvas.


1 Limited Edition

The exhibition continues with a limited edition print and hand-retouched by the artist (entitled “Woman with Book”), print whose hammer value at the last auction at the end of October 2019 was greater than 15,000 euros. This auction confirms the positive trend of the Italian artist’s prices and the strong rise as well as in the international ranking of artists according to Artfacts, one of the most authoritative sources used by art appraisal experts.


1 Tapestry

Finally on display a masterpiece of contemporary art: “The Three Men”, oil on canvas tapestry more than 85 feets high, painted with a palette knife and touched up with a pad. It is a work that combines art and science, informal and cubism, symmetry and imagination.

“This is one of the artworks that best represents me …” continues the Artist “… art and science seem suspended here in midair, in a perfect chromatic and morphological balance”.

In this oil-brushed canvas, Cesare Catania represents what for him are the cornerstones of ancient and modern science, the figures that according to the artist’s vision have changed the World in which we live: Pythagoras, Avogadro and Heisenberg. “The three characters twirl on the canvas as if they belong to the same historical moment … the numbers that fly in their Universe represent the numerical constants that made them famous and that radically changed scientific thinking and therefore indirectly our approach to reality. .. “.

The tapestry has already been exhibited in prestigious places, including at the Serbelloni Palace in Milan.


Where and When?

The curatorship of the exhibition was entrusted to the architect Claudia Mantelli, curator who, among others, has already organized in the past in the same location the collective exhibition entitled “Seductions”, which recently followed the exhibition entitled “The Hidden Truths” at the Pisacane Art Gallery in Milan and which is currently developing the artistic project entitled “The Dreamers”, a path that includes a group exhibition in the same exhibition spaces of the Finaosta as well as the personal exhibition of Cesare Catania just described.

Cesare Catania’s exhibition was inaugurated on Friday the 28th February and will remain open to the public free of charge until Sunday the 15th of March at the following hours: from Tuesday to Saturday 10am-12am and 3pm-7pm; Sunday 3:30pm-6:45pm.


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Artwork Title: “The Heart of the Earth – B Version”
“… the marble dust coming from the Earth and the meteorite fragments coming from the Universe …”
Artwork Title: “Selfportrait”
“… in this artwork Cesare Catania illustrates the oxymorons present in his personality …”
Artwork Title: “Harlequin in the Land of Giants”
“… hyperrealism and surrealism …”
Artwork Title: “The Heart of the Earth – C Version”
“… the power of the Earth …”
Artwork Title: “The Man Who Does Not See”
“… the man is immersed in the society around him blindfolded …”
Artwork Title: “The Mouth of Etna – E Version”
“… passion for colours, for energy and for contemporary sculpture …”
Artwork Title: “Trois Hommes”
“… art and science …”
Artwork Title: “Summer Readings”
“… art and maths …”
Artwork Title: “The Cage”
“… 3D painting and sculpture in the same artwork …”
Artwork Title: “The Cutting – A Version”
“… abstraction and contemporary idea of art …”
Artwork Title: “Confusion (The Open Cutting)”
“… abstract art …”
Artwork Title: “The Embrace – B Version”
“… everything starts from an embrace …”
Artwork Title: “Flamingos at the Mirror”
“… the metaphor of human being …”
Artwork Title: “The Mouth of Etna – F Version”
“… when the sculpture becomes energy …”
Artwork Title: “Woman with a Book”
“… love for colours …”
Artwork Title: “The Mouth of Etna – A Version”
“… passion for contemporary art …”
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