Source: Cinque Colonne

Country: ITALY

Source: Cinque Colonne

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Cannes chooses Cesare Catania

There is still enthusiasm on the French Riviera for the Italian artist Cesare Catania . After the success of Montecarlo, Cannes also chooses Catania, painter and sculptor of contemporary art, nicknamed by some English magazines the “Modern Leonardo da Vinci” , to be exhibited during the events of Film Festival .

After the amazing success achieved less than 10 days ago in the exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo during the week of the Rolex Master Cup, the Italian artist Cesare Catania still leaves his mark on the French Riviera and will soon be the guest of one of the most sparkling evenings of the Cannes film festival.

Catania in fact presented, at the gala dinner on the rooftop of the Radisson Hotel , one of his sculptures in silicone and acrylic.

The master has repeatedly amazed international critics for his works and techniques. And how he manages to mix such different substances as silicone and acrylic together to create his sculptures is now a mystery.

During the evening under the banner of white and gold, surrounded by a luxurious cocktail and a breathtaking view, a lucky one will be drawn from the participants who will take home a numbered and limited edition copy of the book entitled “ Genesis ” , more than 450 pages with the life and works of the author signed and dedicated by Cesare Catania himself.