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Country: ITALY


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Cesare Catania, the artist’s gallery and the Metaverse in art

The protagonist of the new episode of “Italy, a country of a thousand talents” is Cesare Catania, a very talented Italian artist and painter and sculptor, recently engaged in the world of NFT and Web3. Born and raised in Milan, Cesare developed his passion for art from a very young age. Cesare’s works are distinguished by the decomposition and manipulation  of the solids that surround the artist, but also by the ability to express reality and feelings both with superimposed two-dimensional planes and with the elegant and harmonious juxtaposition of solid and curvilinear figures. In his paintings and in his sculptures tradition (use of materials such as plaster, wood, stone, oil paint) and innovation (use of silicone and acrylic based materials) ). All to give life to three-dimensional works that “literally come out of space”. Furthermore, the artist Cesare Catania has recently launched a series of projects on Web3, elaborating and developing some themes already treated in his traditional art, this time in a digital key, giving life to NFTs that are real and their own masterpieces. In fact, together we discussed the expressive opportunities that he saw in this new frontier and what are the advantages that artists can draw from this innovative way of enjoying and experiencing art. “Italy, a country of a thousand talents” is a column created by Alessandro Wu, a young Chinese born in Italy who has learned over time to embrace and love this beautiful country. Together, in each episode, we will discover the talents and professionals that this country has raised and of which Italians should be proud.