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Cesare Catania. Art exhibition

„From 1 to 25 June 2019 the works of Cesare Catania will be the undisputed protagonists of a prestigious exhibition itinerary at the Villa Reale in Monza, which follows the inauguration of the Retrospective in its Milanese gallery. The solo exhibition will see about forty works on display and will be set up on the noble floor of the splendid historic and royal palace of Monza, right next to the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition. On display among the works are also two unpublished re-editions of “il Taglio (E Version)”, the fifth and sixth versions of a series of works that start from a simple cut on a canvas and that in an abstract way explore its contents and artistic implications. To emphasize the chromatic contrasts, in this new diptych the artist wanted to use diamond dust among the materials at his disposal, entirely covering the work with real diamonds encapsulated in a mixture of glues and natural resins. The diamonds were supplied by Jean Boulle Group, Sun King Diamond, who believed in the creative idea of ​​Cesare Catania and supported him in the realization. “… on reflection, the diamond is already a work of art in itself. The fact of using it in combination with colors to enhance the chromatic variations with its brilliance and diffraction seemed to me an absolutely natural choice … “so explains the artist. The system chosen to achieve this incredible effect is a variant of the one developed by the well-known Luxembourg group Jean Boulle, which currently offers its multimillion-dollar customers similar coatings on Rolls Royce, yachts and private jets. An absolutely effervescent moment for the Italian artist who has just inaugurated his exhibition at the Monegasque headquarters of the Barclays Bank and who for the second edition of his retrospective exhibits in the museum of the Villa of Monza showing not only the works, but also the techniques and the inspirations. “

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arte contemporanea

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Artwork Title: “Trois Hommes”
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“... art and maths ...”
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“... 3D painting and sculpture in the same artwork ...”
Artwork Title: “The Cutting – A Version”
“... abstraction and contemporary idea of art ...”
Artwork Title: “Confusion (The Open Cutting)”
“... abstract art ...”
Artwork Title: “The Embrace – B Version”
“... everything starts from an embrace …”
Artwork Title: “Flamingos at the Mirror”
“... the metaphor of human being ...”
Artwork Title: “The Mouth of Etna – F Version”
“... when the sculpture becomes energy ...”
Artwork Title: “Woman with a Book”
“... love for colours ...”
Artwork Title: “The Mouth of Etna – A Version”
“... passion for contemporary art ...”
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