Source: The Journal of Italy

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Source: The Journal of Italy

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Interview with Cesare Catania: “I’ll let you discover the artistic metaverse”

The young Italian artist tells Il Giornale d’Italia his professional excursus and contemporary art, between exhibitions and events

An absolutely effervescent period for Cesare Catania, the Italian artist who, after having consolidated his artistic career in Italy and abroad for years, after having recently exhibited some of his digital and non-digital works during the period of the Venice Biennale at the Art Terminal and after having inaugurated his own personal gallery in the Spatial metaverse, he has continued his multifaceted and chameleon-like artistic journey in recent months. Painter, sculptor and digital artist. So, tradition can clash very well with modernity.. «The artist has the task of expressing through his language the forms of art that best approach his aesthetic taste and his nature. In this sense, it doesn’t matter what expression the artist decides to use at that moment to give formal emotions to him, be it traditional or digital. » In a world that runs at the speed of light, how much sense do painting and sculpture still have in Italian art? “They definitely make more sense now than before. For me, digital art gives its highest form if it passes through traditional art. A pictorial or sculptural creation that is revisited in a digital key gives the artist who develops it the opportunity to confront himself again with respect to an already treated and in-depth theme, possibly allowing him to review his position through the expression of a stroke digital, and therefore by definition different from the traditional one. From the recent appointments at the Fuori Salone in Milan to Lugano. How were these two experiences? «The Fuorisalone and the exhibition at the LAC museum in Lugano are two totally different experiences. The first relates art and design to the urban fabric, a fabric that of Milan that wanted more than ever to come out into the open after two years of uncertainty. The second instead gave the forum on the Metaverse and on Cryptoart the possibility of being appreciated in an institutional and unique context.» Who are the artists who have inspired you in his professional and life path? «I began to approach art as a child, undoubtedly fascinated by Cubism and the masters of the Renaissance. I have always been attracted not only by artistic expression in general but also by its connection with the authors who produced it.» What does “entering the metaverse” mean? «Entering the Meraverse, especially in the artistic sense, means opening your mind, it means projecting yourself into the future with all the cultural baggage of the past, it means combining your love for traditional art and your passion for technology »