Twenty-Five – “Flamingos at the Mirror”



artwork number 25

“Flamingos at the Mirror” – Cesare Catania –

Contemporary Painting

Year: 2015

Dimensions: 220 cm x160 cm

Technique: Acrylic on canvas




Flamingos at the Mirror




Flamingos at the Mirror is a painting where the themes of beauty and of the mirror, so dear to the Artist, reappear. The setting is clearly that of a natural place, where trees and leaves surround all forms of life.
A group of flamingos on the right massing and elbowing each other to be able to look in the mirror. The luckiest of the group is already looking at itself in the mirror (the flamingo on the left) and struts in front of the mirror. On the bottom right a bird observes the scene. Flamingos, complex and delicate animals, are represented by Cesare Catania with obvious physical abnormalities. Mirror cheats with them, it shows them what they want to see. The Artist, who is identified by the little bird, enjoys the show.

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